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SBL Christmas and Winter celebrations

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Fri, December 19, 2014
5:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Red Hot World Buffet, Leicester

Meal: 5:30PM Red Hot Buffet in the Highcross (£17.99 or £12.99 if deposit paid. No guarantee of seats without deposit)

Party: 7pm Phoenix Square with games, consoles, crafts music, lego and more!

Secret santa: 8pm, Bring a wrapped present costing no more than £5 and swap it for a surprise on the night

Costume theme: Games! Thats board and card games, console and pc games even play ground games.
Each year SBL celebrates both in style so keep an eye out for details as they arrive.

Everyone is welcome to brings games etc too and we’ll find the tables.

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