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  • StarBase Leicester Book Club meeting: In Person
  • Sun, May 26 , 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Phoenix Square, Leicester
  • GeekNet

    Welcome to StarBase Leicester’s Geek Network.

    StarBase Leicester has members from all over the city and we have a lot of friends and supporters, so we know a lot of the geeky places in and about town. Check this page for ideas where to shop, chill and explore…
    Email info@starbaseleicester.co.uk if you have any suggestions for this page and keep an eye out, the Geeknet can only get BIGGER!

    Also look out for the Keyring symbol as it means there is a club discount available, or you can even click here for map mode.


    StarBase Leicester is all about everything geek…  So we’ve collected together a calendar of reoccurring events, especially those in the midlands.

    If the idea of a convention is a little scary (it might be your first or you don’t want to go alone) check out the SBL event pages or facebook group and find out who else is going.

    If you know any we’ve missed let us know as info@starbaseleicester.co.uk.

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