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  • StarBase Leicester Book Club meeting: In Person
  • Sun, May 26 , 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Phoenix Square, Leicester
  • 2023 Challenge

    To raise money for Loros we walked, cycled, and ran 2080.1 miles! Smashing our target of 1779 miles! That’s the same distance Frodo and Sam travelled with the One Ring between Hobbiton and Mount Doom.

    These extra miles were usually never done or done by motor so we were getting fit, helping a charity AND helping the planet! And just think we’re the cliché group for spending the summer inside. What a challenge!?

    Target Distance: 1779 Miles, completed 2080.1 miles

    Dates: 1st June to the 31st August

    Team members: 14 members

    Members completed miles in their own time and on team walks:

    1 The Hidden Orchard June 2023:

    2 to Everards Meadows July 2023:

    3 Bradgate Park

    4 Watermead Country Park

    5 Leicester Botanical Garden and Brocks Hill Country Park