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Leicester Bronies


Leicester Bronies have been running since early 2013!

While it’s Ponies that brought them together, the primary focus of the meets are just too chat chill & relax with friends.
“Any & all geeky/nerdy pony-friendly friends welcome”
If you fancy a game, there’s usually a game or two played most days, the main-stay games currently are Unstable Unicorns, Flux, TSSSF, & CAH.
with Tales of Equestria “Pony D&D” having the possibility of being ran as well!
Also, someĀ  bring their Nintendo Switch’s, with Mario Kart normally being the Favourite game.

They currently meet-up on the last Saturday of the month every month at The Marquis Wellington, on London Road, From 12:00 onwards, official end-time is 17:30, but locals & regulars sometimes stay longer.
139 London Rd, Leicester LE2 1EF

Ask “Pony” on the SBL Discord for more details!