Up Next

  • StarBase Leicester Book Club meeting: In Person
  • Sun, May 26 , 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Phoenix Square, Leicester
  • Leicester Bronies

    Leicester Bronies have been running since early 2013! While it’s Ponies that brought them together, the primary focus of the meets are just too chat chill & relax with friends. “Any & all geeky/nerdy pony-friendly friends welcome” If you fancy a game, there’s a game or two played sometimes, mainstay games are currently are Unstable […]

    Leicester Magic The Gathering Club

    A new group for Magic players in Leicester! Details and events on their facebook page. Tuesdays at the Metal Monicle https://www.facebook.com/groups/298856648262780


    A Coventry geek group who’ve been to SBL events and we hope to join forces with for future events! “Bringing geeky girls and geeky guys together, to meet, have fun and make the world a little more geektasticly awesome!”


    A group for writers of speculative fiction (Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and beyond…) in and around Leicester. We meet every Wednesday evening to write together, critique new writing (sometimes) and discuss the business of writing.

    HackSpace Leicester

    Leicester Hackspace, a venue for makers of digital, electronic, mechanical and creative projects. Like other Hackspaces across the country, they hope to build a community of practical and creative people and provide a place to pursue their projects, share techniques and concepts and learn new skill with cool workshops.

    Section 31

    A board/card gaming group, and a great place to make friends and play a variety of board and card games. Set up by our very own original first officer Chris, check out their site for details. This is one of the longest running geek groups in Leicester after us.

    Leicester RolePlaying Guild

    Leicester RolePlaying guild is exactly that! An entire group of tabletop role-players for newbies, experts and DM’s/GM’s. Everyone welcome, groups in need of table space too. All formats played, Dungeons and Dragons, Traveller, Maid, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles… you name it! Free, donations welcome to cover cost of the hall. (Currently awaiting return from covid […]